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THE 2018 Collection is here…

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As I’m slightly changing directions, there won’t be a PRINTED 2018 Collection – a few PDFs will be available. Click here for the long explanation!



Fellow Stationery fiends (and friends), Life Is Crafted is passionate about making life what
you want it to be and we believe your planner is the corner stone of lifestyle design.

This is your life…Are you making it what you truly want it to be?

The Life is Crafted range is way more than just a planner. It’s a way of life. A way of dreaming, of planning and of taking action on the things that make your heart sing. A way of making your life more you.

Put your hand up if your organisational loving brain is feeling overwhelmed? Stressed even?! Time is rushing by and you’ve got goals (right?!) that you want to work towards so you can be living the life of your dreams but all this daily stuff is getting on top of you. Your information is everywhere and you have no idea what you need to do next, you seem to be doing things for everybody else and ……… you feel like screaming and hitting the pause button!

Stop! Take a deep breath dear one.And another one. And another. I hear you. I feel you. I know just what those anxious, out of control feelings are like. Know that things can change. Time is the great leveller. We all have the same amount of time. It is what we do with it that counts.

Action Cures Fear

Positive, well-thought out action cures fear. Yes it does. I’ll sing that out loud! Action cures fear. And once we know what action to take because we’re clearer on who we are and what we want, we just need to do it. Yeah!

We need a system and tool to help us with this. Something that helps keep us on track. Something that can inspire and motivate us to keep going amidst the challenges. Something that reminds of of the big picture. Something that helps bring us clarity. Organisation. Focus. Direction.

This is the Life is Crafted Range. Planner pages that will become your best friend. They:

  • Are so beautiful – they make you want to use them
  • Help you to celebrate life
  • Remind you of the important dates, things and events in your life.
  • Keep you focussed on the big picture.
  • Help you review the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff and decide what to bring forward with you and what to leave behind.
  • Assist you to plan projects
  • Help you craft your daily life
  • Give you organised information collection.
  • Help you create actionable and inspiring goals
  • Attract more of what you want through gratitude
  • Help you discover more about yourself through seeing patterns in your lists and reviews.
  • Learn from your life experiences
  • Must have accessory for any busy person who wants more in their lives. Combine your journal, to do lists, calendar and notes in one!

By itself it won’t make you superficially thinner, happier, richer or more popular but using the pages and taking consistent action will make you more aware and bring you closer to the things you truly want from life.

Imagine a life where you feel so much happier…A life that is more you…
…more focussed
…you know where you are
…you know where you’re going
…you know what is important
…you’re more organised
…you feel on top of things
…you dream and plan
…you nurture yourself
…you make time for what is important.

What does this mean for you?
Success should be defined on your own terms. Not on the expectations of society, your friends or your family. What will make you feel really happy? Rich in money, time and love? Passionate and on purpose? Joyful and lighthearted? Successful? Only you can answer that and some of the Life is Crafted pages will help you find them out!

Live the life you want. Take the action that brings you closer to that. Dream your visions and capture them on paper. Living a life of your choosing is priceless.

All you need to do is to spend 5 minutes a day crafting your life. Read over your goals, plan out what you want to do, go and do it with enthusiasm, and then celebrate. Repeat.

What is a positive focus on your life and inspiration towards your dreams worth?

Life is crafted. Craft yours.

The site features planner inserts, stationery finds and life design tools that you want to use.

We aim to give you the inspiration to dreamplan and schedule the life you want so you can LIVE IT OUT!

Does the sight of gorgeous stationery make your heart flutter just that little bit faster?

Have you spent hours finding the perfect organizer or browsing stores for the ultimate pen and paper combination?

Do you agonise over the perfect set up of your binder? And then constantly tweak it towards planner nirvana?

Do pretty prints on paper make your organizational life so much more enjoyable? And do you enjoy beautiful planner refills?

Then welcome from one who shares that love - Life is Crafted is the place for you!

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